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Dr. Monica on Good Morning New Mexico, 11/8/11

Medical Expert on JustAnswer, Dr. Monica Briones, went on Good Morning New Mexico (KOB-TV) to discuss the cold and flu season and some tips on what to do and and the medications to take.

CAN'T AFFORD TO BLOW $8,000 ON A CAT? Here Are Some Tips For Reducing Your Bill, 10/21/11

"I think in general the visits have declined all over the country," says Dr. Gene Pavlovsky, a vet with Banfield hospital in Champaign, Ill. and expert on "People tend to not bring their pets in as frequently, especially for cats." As a cat owner, not following preventative care can be the deadliest--and costliest--mistake you'll ever make.

Cold and Flu Season Do's and Don'ts, 9/26/11

Pediatrician and Medical Expert on JustAnswer, Dr. Andy Clark, appeared on Good Morning Texas (WFAA-ABC affiliate), a morning news show in Dallas. Dr. Clark and his assistant Sunshine went on the show to provide the Do’s and Don’ts for the upcoming flu & cold season.


ASK AT: Damage pulls value from unusual bulldog and baby print, 9/22/11

Antiques Expert, Randeen M. Cummings Nelson, appraises reader-submitted artifacts in the weekly “Ask AT” column. In addition, Nelson works at JustAnswer as one of thousands of experts in more than 150 categories (including antiques and collectibles) who provide fast and reliable information to users.


Online Doctor Consultations: Are They for You?, 9/1/11

“Assess a potential online physician much like one would any other physician,” says Dr. Joshua Davidson, an allergist and immunologist and verified expert on Board certification, among other things, assures that a US-based doc will be answering your questions.

George Chamberlin's Money in the Morning, 8/25/11

A new survey from JustAnswer -- a "go-to website for people who need a quick answer from an expert" -- finds San Diego ranks number 74 out of 18,000 cities based on the number of people who paid to get information from the service. More than 9,000 inquiries were generated from folks in San Diego in June.

TECHKNOW: Computer Q&A with JustAnswer Experts, 8/22/11 is a website that connects people to experts who provide fast and reliable information at an affordable price. There are thousands of experts in more than 150 categories (including computers and electronics) available on the site who can answer your questions now.

*Weekly Q&A column appears each Monday in the print edition.

Andy Kurtzig, JustAnswer CEO and Founder, on 7Live (KGO-TV), 5/23/11

Brian Copeland, host on 7Live, talked to Andy Kurtzig about JustAnswer and why it’s worth it to pay for answers from Experts.

IRS says Texas vehicle registration not deductible, 5/5/11

Richard Fine, a tax lawyer [on] the website in Houston, agrees that the IRS doesn't usually flinch at the deduction. But that's usually because it's such a small amount and is combined with other taxes so it doesn't stand out.


Your Time with Kim Iverson (KAMX-FM Mix 94.7), 4/27/11

Lawyer and Legal Expert on JustAnswer, Phil Moretti, joins Kim Iverson to answer questions from the show's listeners.

You have extra time to file taxes, save money, 4/15/11

Learn from the experience of figuring out your taxes this year so you can prepare better for the next time around, says Richard Fine, a tax lawyer [on] the website in Houston.

Best Pets for Kids, 3/1/11

Need help choosing a pet for your family? With the help of Dr. Gary Ryder, DVM and Expert on, we've ranked the best pets for kids from most to least kid-friendly.

What Recent College Grads Should Have on their Resume, 2/28/11

You may want to include a hyperlink in your resume if you have a Web site displaying your work. Jason Lauzer, HR Manager and Job Expert on JustAnswer, says hyperlinks can be appropriate, but that the automatic hyperlink formatting in Microsoft Word should be removed.


The Workload Hypothesis, 2/10/11

Dr. Tom Firor, an Integrative Medical Doctor and Expert on, writes about how protein plays into overall dietary needs and how it affects certain diet habits.


Web Search Profile:, 2/9/11 is a question and answer site that aims to connect Web searchers with verified experts in a variety of categories ranging from Law to Mechanics to Computers. is quite streamlined. Type in your question, name the price you're willing to pay, and a expert will answer your question within a short time.


What's taking off online? Q&A websites, 1/24/11

Millions have paid about $20 per question to get medical, legal, financial and other advice on JustAnswer, started seven years ago by CEO Andy Kurtzig.


Turning to Social Media & Search Engines for Smart Health Answers, 1/22/11

The health web today offers rich, medically vetted information. Additionally, there are sites where you can find and connect with people who have similar conditions, [such as] JustAnswer, where you can get more detailed information specific to your question from health professionals, and even share stories about the disease, treatment or symptom

Best value motors of 2011 (so far), 1/11/11

People can connect one-on-one with UK Car Mechanics on JustAnswer, 24/7, and ask auto questions for a small fee. If you have an auto repair question, ask a UK Car Mechanic now by going to

What to Expect for Finances in 2011, 1/3/11

To meet your 2011 goals, here's what you should know about the New Year:

Refund Delays - There will be a filing delay if you itemize because the late enactment of the tax-cut extensions in December changed a lot of things that were or weren't going to be on the forms, says Steven Meyerson, a tax Expert for "There's a lot of restructuring of software on the IRS's side and, in some cases, some forms need major adjustments."

Tips and Tricks to Ease Teething Pain, 12/29/10

"The temporary teeth come in between the age of 6 months to 1 year in most children," says Dr. Gaurav Gupta, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and pediatrics expert at

Are dental x-rays safe for your kids?, 12/12/10

So, are dental x-rays risky? It depends on what is being x-rayed, experts say. "The radiation exposure for simple x-rays is fairly low. A chest or extremity film with 1-3 views is like flying on a plane for 10 minutes or a day's worth of living on this planet," explains Dr. Andy Clark, pediatrician and medical expert on

But the CTs being used in some dental visits for kids are a different story. They expose patients to much more radiation, says Clark. "A CT scan is like 70 days as are fluoroscopic procedures like an upper GI series," says Clark.

7 things to look for in a winter beater, 12/6/10

A tip from Eric Brock, mechanic and car Expert on "If using the the defroster causes the windshield to mist over or you have a sweet smell when heat is on, the heater core is leaking and will require a major expense in repair, so stay away from vehicles that don't pass this test."

How to Pay for Your Holiday Shopping, 12/3/10

Anita Eisthen, certified financial adviser and finance expert for agrees, explaining that each person needs to carefully reflect on their spending habits before choosing one method over another. According to Eisthen, there are six criteria a person can apply when trying to chose between cash, credit and debit...

Your Time with Kim Iverson (KAMX-FM Mix 94.7), 12/1/10

Veterinarian and Pet Expert on JustAnswer, Dr. Connie Zielinski, joins Kim Iverson to answer questions from the show's listeners. (She is on the air starting at 58:10) A clean, super Q&A site backed by authoritative professionals, 10/21/10

“ is just the kind of site that would make you feel like being there and asking away or contribute if you are an expert… [On JustAnswer] not everyone can be an expert since it’s not just a matter of signing up. makes it mandatory for those who want to be experts to apply with particular submissions for each category requirement.”

Breast cancer awareness: 12 more ways to think pink!, 10/8/10

JustAnswer: Not a product, but if you're looking to answer some questions about breast cancer and how to prevent the disease, one of the best resources to turn to is JustAnswer. Filled with advice from doctors across the country, the beefed-up site is an important resource for women looking for ways to battle the disease. For more information, visit


JustAnswer: Ask a question and get an answer ASAP, 10/4/10

The JustAnswer®  site is designed to have veterinarians online at all times. Write your question, and within minutes, you’ll receive an answer from a veterinarian about your dog. There are also categories for lawyers, doctors, mechanics, veterinarians, and experts in over 100 different areas day and night.

How to Make Money Online, 9/6/10

Woman's Day Editor-in-Chief talks about JustAnswer as a way to make money online on the Today Show!

8 Ways to Make Money Online, 9/2/10

Know a lot about medicine or car repairs? JustAnswer is a paid question-and-answer site that’s growing its community of experts in the medical, legal and financial fields, as well as in other specialties like car repair and home improvement. Registered customers ask a question and then name the price they’re willing to pay (usually from $10 to $40) for an expert answer. The expert usually responds within an hour, and once the customer accepts the answer, keeps from 25 to 50 percent of what the customer pays. How much experts earn depends on how many questions they’ve had accepted by customers. Experts are vetted through a fairly grueling process, with credentials, education and background verified. has the answers to your dog-related questions: Win a session, too!, 9/1/10

" now helps people ask questions to thousands of verified Experts in over 150 categories including Veterinary. All of the Experts are verified through a third-party service and the veterinarians provide answers to pet owners’ most important questions. The best part is that the price of asking a real veterinarian a question is only a small fee (the average price being $18) and there are Vets online 24/7, so it saves people time and money."

Your Time with Kim Iverson (KAMX-FM Mix 94.7), 9/1/10

OB/GYN and Women's Health Expert on JustAnswer, Dr. Monika Hearne, joins Kim Iverson to answer questions from the show's listeners. (She is on the air from 55:09 - 1:13:39)

Pet Blue over Back-to-School? A Guide to Natural Stain and Odor Removers, 8/31/10

"Be pro-active and ease your pet into the back-to-school routine to reduce their stress, [Dr. Fiona Fisher, a veterinarian for] suggests. Your cat might feel better if you confine it to a small space for a while, like an office or utility room, to give it more confidence about its environment."

Five Ways to Pet Proof Your Home: by Pugdorable contributor Gary Ryder, D.V.M., 8/30/10

"It’s also useful to have handy phone numbers for a family veterinarian and emergency veterinary services, including ASPCA’s 24 hour poison hotline for pets (1-888-426-4435).  For non-emergency situations, there are websites where you can ask a vet your questions, such as"

Picnic foods pregnant women should avoid, 8/17/10

“'Most food poisoning does not affect a pregnancy other than causing intermittent dehydration, which can cause possible preterm labor,' advises Dr. Brad Douglas, a Board Certified OB/GYN and Women’s Health Expert on"

Your Time with Kim Iverson (KAMX-FM Mix 94.7), 8/10/10

JustAnswer CEO Andy Kurtzig joins Kim Iverson to talk about why he founded the company, how to ask a question and get help from thousands of Experts on our site and what some of his favorite questions are. (Andy is on from 12:05-18:47)

Break-proof Your Gadgets, 8/1/10

You probably recharge your phone before the battery gets too low. But constantly recharging a phone that still has some juice left actually wears down your battery over time, says Nick McSpadden of "Your battery will forget how much capacity it has and you'll start getting fewer and fewer hours of use!" What does he recommend? "At least once a month, let your phone completely die, then fully charge it before you use it again."

The Mario Armstrong Show, 7/22/10

Mario Armstrong gives one lucky listener a free question on JustAnswer! (JustAnswer is on from 40:05–45:00)

The Mario Armstrong Show, 7/21/10


Guest Martin Purdy, a Verified Expert in the Automotive Field, appears on the Mario Armstrong Radio Show! (Martin is on from 15:30 - 40:30)

98 Rock Baltimore, 7/7/10

JustAnswer on 98 Rock Baltimore.

How to know if a new bank is safe, 7/7/10

Being FDIC insured means that the government will reimburse you any money you had at the bank (up to $250,000 per account). James Heal, a financial expert with the answer service,, says, "I don't know of any bank today that wouldn't be FDIC insured, but double check the FDIC sticker on the bank's door and ask the bank associate just to make sure."



Earn $1,000! Sell Your Expertise, 7/1/10

"At, get paid to respond to questions on topics like law, parenting and education."

EXCLUSIVE! Experts Agree: Kelly Preston’s Pregnancy At 47 ‘Not Natural!’ She Must Have Used ‘A Donor Egg & In Vitro!’, 6/21/10

"There’s nothing natural about Kelly Preston getting pregnant at the age of 47 experts agree. 'The chances of getting naturally pregnant at the age of 47 are almost slim to NONE,' Dr. Brad Douglas, OB/GYN and Women’s Health Expert on, says to EXCLUSIVELY. 'I have never seen a woman naturally pregnant past the age of 45, and most who do get pregnant usually miscarry due to the genetic problems with eggs after a woman has turned 40.'”

The Mario Armstrong Show, 6/18/10

Andy, CEO of JustAnswer, on the Mario Armstrong Show on Sirius XM radio.

10 Things Your Vet Won't Tell You, 6/11/10

"Seventy percent of our diagnosis can be made based on getting a good history and getting the correct information out of owners," says Gary Ryder, DVM and expert on "There are differences between vomiting and regurgitation, upper respiratory coughing and lung coughing, pain and anxiety, etc."

How to sue your tech vendor -- and win, 5/27/10

"'Each case is very different,' explains legal expert Paul Moretti, who offers advice on 'It all depends on the evidence the plaintiff has to support their contentions. Just because one person takes on Adobe and wins, doesn't mean someone else will take on Microsoft and win.'" offers team of experts for your family, anytime, 5/24/10

"JustAnswer, an expert-driven question and answer website, is offering a new subscription service which provides your family with unlimited access to experts in health, law, accounting, veterinary, mechanic, home repairs and more for an affordable monthly fee. Much the same way that Oprah and other stars have huge support systems that they can call on 24 hours a day, a JustAnswer subscription will provide you with an incredible support system." Launches; Be Your Own Expert!, 5/24/10

The [new subscription] service saves money for those who need answers on more than a one-time basis, while providing "peace of mind knowing that additional answers are available at no extra charge."

6 Things You Should Know Before Buying an iPad, 5/13/10

"You can also visit tech help sites such as, which has verified Mac Experts available 24/7 to answer iPad questions for as little as $13."

Fake Lady Gaga Amputation Story Doesn't Have Leg to Stand On , 4/30/10

"Have you ever heard of someone excising a leg for fashion? Dr. Gaurav Sawhney, an Indian-based orthopedist and medical expert for JustAnswer, hasn't. As he told us today in an email: 'I have never heard of any licensed surgeon amputating a perfectly fine leg for cosmetic reason, and I do not know any country or any place where this has happened, or would be considered legally or ethically correct.'"

6 Tips for Saving Money While Preventing Car Problems, 4/30/10

"I wanted to introduce you to JustAnswer, a Web site connecting people to thousands of verified Experts in over 100 categories, because it’s the perfect resource for moms and dads that need to avoid finding themselves at odds with their vehicle. Auto Experts on JustAnswer are providing insight to drivers everywhere to help them not only save time and money on car maintenance, but also learn insider secrets about the dreaded auto shop."

Chew on This: Chewing Gum is Dangerous for Dogs, 4/19/10

"Besides being a nuisance when he doesn’t keep his mouth closed, chewing gum can be also be harmful to your dog. When my 80 lb. AmStaff downed a pack the other day, I jumped online to to find out the consequences. Turns out sugared gum isn’t too bad and may just cause a bad tummy ache. However, the Xylitol in sugarless gum can be toxic, and can cause liver failure."

Find an odd job online, 4/17/10

"There's also, where you can be an expert and get paid to answer questions live online."

6 Avoidable Tax-Time Irritants, 4/5/10

"'The rule is that whoever files first will initially get the credit,' says Steven Meyerson, a 30-year CPA and tax expert on 'If it's not the correct person, correspondence with the IRS will be required by both parties to resolve the matter.'"

Expert Teething Advice, 3/31/10

"While there is no specific medical reason for why your baby's teething seems to get worse at night, many parents do notice an increase in discomfort during the evening hours. 'It seems worse at night because they are tired, and during the day they are awake and playing and have things to distract them from the pain,' says Dr. Gaurav Gupta, pediatrics expert on"

8 Insider Secrets to E-filing Your Tax Returns, 3/16/10

"When you’re filing your taxes online, don’t give up if you hit a roadblock! You can use sites like JustAnswer, which has verified tax experts on call 24/7 to get your questions answered. Tax questions begin at $15 and take as little as a few minutes to get answered – a good resource for extremely busy or last-minute filers!"

Odd Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well, 3/1/10

"Expert, $360/month: If you know how to devise a living will or fix a stalled carburetor, you can earn cash answering queries on"

Choose a kickin’ sports camp, 2/15/10

"Once you’ve determined your son is into soccer, say, talk to the parents of other soccer-crazy kids, says Sybil Keane, Ph.D., a New Jersey clinical psychologist and parenting expert for Their advice could send you in a direction you might not otherwise consider."

Fried? Avoiding the fast-food habit , 2/1/10

"Busy families often find fast food a hard habit to break. But, although it takes more work to avoid fast food, the effort is worth it, according to David Hill, M.D., a North Carolina parent of three and a pediatrics expert on 'We know that children who are obese turn into obese adults,” he says, “so you can literally add years to your child’s life by making good dietary decisions from a young age.'"

JustAnswer - Expert Answers To Spice Up Your Sex Life This Valentine's Day, 1/11/10

JustAnswer® is a website where people go when they want to consult with a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist or numerous third-party verified Mental Health Experts one-on-one. Millions with questions come to the site for affordable and fast answers in more than 100 categories, ranging from Relationships to Mental Health. Experts typically provide answers within minutes.

8 resolutions, 1/8/10

"Extend your car's life expectancy by washing it regularly, says Mark Welman, a Chrysler technician in British Columbia, Canada, who contributes to Pay particular attention to wheel wells, he says, to dig out mud and debris that can promote rust."

Elder law expertise can be crucial in planning future, 12/31/09

"Review assets transferred during the five-year Medicaid look-back period. Medicaid can recover assets that were divested within five years, according to Paul Moretti, attorney and legal expert on"

Website answers your questions using experts, 12/23/09

"Got a bad case of the ho-ho-holiday-hums? While the holidays are a time for joy, it’s always an eventful time, especially when spent with family and friends. JustAnswer, Expert answers website, has thousands of verified Experts in over 100 categories ranging from Car to Appliance to Medical to Legal that are available 24/7."

How many extra calories needed when pregnant?, 12/22/09

“'The general rule of thumb: proper pregnancy weight gain is based on the weight you start off with,' advises Baltimore OB/GYN Dr. Saul Weinreb, MD, Senior Medical Advisor of and expert for 'A pregnant woman who starts off with less weight should gain more, and someone weighing more should gain less.'”

Get Inexpensive Legal Advice this Holiday Season, 12/21/09

"JustAnswer®, the website where people go when they need answers from a verified attorney, and Nolo, the country’s leading publisher of how-to legal and business tools and the leading lawyer directory, unveil the “Ask a Lawyer” feature on'Both Nolo and JustAnswer care deeply about making legal help accessible,' said JustAnswer CEO Andy Kurtzig. 'We are thrilled to be working with Nolo to offer consumers fast and affordable one-on-one legal answers.'"

Top Toddler Health Concerns, 12/11/09

"'You'll know your child is physically ready when he can walk to the potty, sit on the potty without falling off, remain dry/clean for several hours, follow simple commands, and communicate enough to tell you his needs. Emotional readiness occurs when your toddler seems eager to please you and when he seems to want to be independent about going potty. Your child should have a potty of his own...Dr. David Hill, FAAP and Pediatrics Expert on'"

Make Money Online, 12/7/09

"You can also make money answering questions at JustAnswer. People who work at JustAnswer make as much as $30 or more for answering one question."

JustAnswer - Giving The Gift Of Knowledge From Doctors And Other Medical Experts., 12/3/09

"JustAnswer® is a website where people go when they want to consult with a doctor, OB/GYN, pediatrician, dermatologist, or one of 20,000 Experts online: one-on-one. Millions with questions come to the site for affordable and timely insight in more than 100 categories, ranging from Medical to Health. Experts typically provide answers within minutes. JustAnswer is ranked as a top 200 website by the leading global Internet ratings service, Quantcast."

Pediatricians' Pet Peeves , 12/1/09

“'We need to know what’s going on with the ears; what other symptoms he’s having; whether he has had allergies, asthma, or ear surgery in the past; what medications he’s on; what he’s allergic to; whether anyone smokes in the home; and what illnesses run in the family,' says Hill, who’s also a medical expert on"

Hirer is set to sue car rental firm over H-car clutch charge, 11/26/09

"Mr Pole-Carew contacted Value and was told that the £820 taken was the company’s ‘estimate’ of the cost to repair the clutch. He said he had contacted a Ford adviser on who told him ‘a perfectly good clutch is highly unlikely to fail from four to five hours of good, or even very bad, driving.'"

Taylor Lautner, Put Your Shirt On!, 11/13/09

"Dr. D.J. Basu, a medical expert for JustAnswer, confirmed our suspicion that going shirtless in late November isn't the wisest move for residents of the Northern Hemisphere: 'If somebody goes shirtless, the risk of hypothermia is pretty high,' he said. 'It's not a good idea.'"

Remy Adds Online ‘Ask a Mechanic’ Feature, 11/12/09

"'Ask a Mechanic' is expected to benefit Remy’s customers significantly by providing 24/7 support, according to a press release. Successful remote assistance provided by mechanics on JustAnswer will head-off vehicle system-related problems and save Remy customers time and resources due to incorrect diagnoses."

How to Find Small Business Legal Resources on the Web, 11/12/09

"Or try, part of a larger for-fee Web site with a roster of online experts in a variety of areas — including business law. When we visited the site, it reported there were 43 lawyers online waiting to help visitors. When we typed in a sample question, it took less than two minutes to make a connection with a lawyer identified by his first name and initials, positive feedback rating and basic qualifications — in this case, the states where he’s licensed to practice law."

A strong, latex-free reason to make love, 11/7/09

"Brad Douglas, a gynecologist and expert on, also based in Virginia (the state that appears to be the international headquarters for condom wisdom, despite its chaste name), says there isn't a single latex condom on the market that can surpass the best non-latex condoms."

Why I Won't Get the H1N1 Vaccine, 11/5/09

"Dr. Mitchell Weinstein, medical expert on and an infectious diseases doctor in Chicago, IL, says no GBS outbreaks related to vaccines have occurred since the swine flu incident of 1976. Because it is so soon, there are no figures yet to estimate the risk of GBS infection from the H1N1 vaccine. But since the vaccine is similar to the seasonal flu inoculation, the risk should remain low."

Should women settle ... ever?, 11/3/09

"To my dismay, Dr. Sybil Keane, psychologist and mental health expert on disagrees. 'Most women settle (or accept) because they believe the myths that society dictates,' she points out. 'They settle because they don’t think they deserve anything or they settle because that little clock is ticking away. They settle because of expectations of others or themselves.'"

Teaching your kids to be grateful, 11/1/09

"Dr. Sybil Keane, a psychologist and mental health expert on JustAnswer offers practical suggestions for parents to start their own family traditions, which they can use every day- not just when the holiday focus is on giving."


"Remy Power Products (Edmond, OK) has selected JustAnswer of San Francisco to handle the 'Ask a Mechanic' option on the support website for Remy Power Products. The addition of JustAnswer’s online service supplements Remy Power Products’ existing ASE Certified Tech Hotline. Via JustAnswer, Remy Power Products’ professional technician and DIY customers can correspond with one of the hundreds of verified technicians employed 24/7 by JustAnswer."

When Enough is Enough, 10/30/09

"'If you’re spending more on your car between maintenance and repairs than you would to buy another car, that’s when enough is enough,' says Steve Porter, car-care expert at 'Also, if you ever have a repair that’s even close to what the car is currently worth, it’s time to get another car.'"

Flu-Related Telecommuting Could Clog Web Traffic, Feds Warn, 10/29/09

"The problem isn't in the technologies used by ISPs, but in how they built out their network facility. 'It's all about bandwidth,' said Nick Molinari, system builder and computer expert on JustAnswer. 'Since the U.S. had the Internet first, they have the oldest Internet backbone...The main thing would be to modernize the infrastructure by migrating everything to fiber optics like the Netherlands and other countries where fiber optics are pretty much the norm...Fiber optics gives everyone bandwidth cable modems can only dream of.'"

Despite our scary times, Halloween is a great escape, 10/29/09

"Life has never been so uncertain, says Carol Kryder, a marriage and family therapist and expert. Two years ago, depression was the No. 1 diagnosis, she says. Now, many of her clients are diagnosed with anxiety-related disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders due to life's circumstances. Even if they have survived layoffs, they are left with the scars of seeing so many beloved colleagues getting the ax, and they continually live with the fear they are going to be next...So people need the outlets that Halloween offers, she says."

The best Halloween candy for your teeth , 10/29/09

"Chocolate, which won’t stick to teeth for long periods of time, contains calcium, which could help protect tooth enamel. Research shows dark chocolate with at least 65 percent cocoa content is a potent antioxidant. Still, moderation and timing are important. 'It’s better to eat four chocolates at one time rather than having one chocolate every three to four hours,' said Dr. Girish Herekar, a dental expert for"

Quest for fame leads to infamy for oddballs like Richard Heene, Jon Gosselin and Nadya Suleman, 10/23/09

"...And, adds psychologist and JustAnswer mental health expert Sybil Keane, a person addicted to the idea of fame is often just looking for an excuse to speak out and be heard. 'Fame allows a person the right to give an opinion...It kicks you up a level on the popularity scale. The person who thought he would never be anything more than ordinary finds himself thrown into the center of the fame circle, and euphoric brain chemicals come spilling out. And then they want more.'"

Easy, Budget-Friendly Home Repair and Maintenance, 10/15/09

"Master plumber and plumbing expert on, Rico Soma suggests a tip that can improve your home and save you money every month. 'Replacing an old shower head is an easy home repair that can save water and save money on your water bill...Most modern shower heads use two gallons of water per minute or less and provide an enjoyable showering experience. All you need is an adjustable wrench, some Teflon tape, and your new showerhead.'"

JustAnswer - Giving The Gift Of Knowledge From Doctors And Other Medical Experts., 10/13/09

"JustAnswer® is a website where people go when they want to consult with a doctor, OB/GYN, pediatrician, dermatologist, or one of 20,000 Experts online: one-on-one. Millions with questions come to the site for affordable and timely insight in more than 100 categories, ranging from Medical to Health. Experts typically provide answers within minutes. JustAnswer is ranked as a top 200 website by the leading global Internet ratings service, Quantcast."

What's With Dressing Toddlers in Heels? (Hi, Suri!) , 10/8/09

"'While the heels seen [on Suri] are not terribly high, they do force Suri's feet into an unnatural walking position,' says David L. Hill, a doctor and the pediatrics expert on JustAnswer. 'Worn for short periods they may lead to minor pains, but if they're a regular part of her wardrobe I think most podiatrists would have a conniption.'"

Travel: Getting Ill Abroad, 10/1/09

"If you’re feeling less than perfect, but not really sick, and don’t trust the local facilities, head to the nearest Internet cafe...visit For a fee, one of the site’s doctors will answer your personal questions, usually within minutes."

A guide to common baby rashes, 9/30/09

"'Eczema is sometimes called the ‘itch that rashes’ since the more they scratch the worse the rash becomes,' explains Dr Andy Clark, a Texas-based pediatrician and pediatrics expert on"

Family mental history shadows future children, 9/28/09

"Sybil Keane, a mental health expert on and a clinical psychologist in Summit, N.J.,  has her clients detail all the mental and physical disorders in their families. 'What that does is let them see that yes, we may be predisposed to illness — but does that mean we would deny ourselves a child?'"

Bay Sunday: Just Answer, 9/27/09

"Sue Kwon interviews CEO and founder of, Andy Kurtzig. Kurtzig talks about how to access experts such as lawyers, doctors, and mechanics at affordable prices through his website."

Take Your Medicine Like A Good Kitty, 9/21/09

“'There is nothing worse than trying to give a liquid medication to a cat that does not want it,' says Dr. Loretta Potts, a veterinary expert on with over 25 years’ experience. 'All you can see is all four feet and teeth coming at your hands as you try to medicate your furry friend.'” | How to make money answering other people questions ? , 9/19/09

"JustAnswer is now one of the largest website people come after they want a Doctor, Lawyer, Technician, Programmers and others experts to answer their questions...If you're an expert in Law, Health, Software or any other areas, then you might consider to join as an expert...You could help mankind in your free time and plus make some extra bucks."

Other countries – Other start-ups, 9/18/09

"justanswer a stable spine: 20,000 registered experts from around the world are almost

around the clock available, and 20 million users are registered to the service. Money

is raised here with a small portion of the 'Bounty', which is suspended by the user to

answer the questions. And we're honest: If we take the time we would spend with the

Google of solutions that convert to our hourly rate, then you pay the small premium

you. So - bravo - beautifully solved!"

Home Remedies: Doctors' and other experts' medical ideas for stuff around the house, 9/1/09

“Placing a teabag…where a tooth was removed can promote accelerated healing. The tannic acid in the tea is the contributing factor…Alex Knecht, CRDTS, board-certified dentist, Clear Creek Dental, Fort Collins, Colo.; dental expert, JustAnswer.”

Baby’s first two years: Brain building activities, 8/26/09

“'As you hold your baby, he learns about you through the sense of touch, smell and sound,' says David Hill, MD, who is a pediatrics expert on ‘Feel all of your baby’s senses.’”

Obesity is bad for your brain as well as your body, leads to dementia: study, 8/25/09

“'To keep your brain young, you need to have good blood flow and the way to have this is through exercise,’ says Dr. Amit Shelat, a JustAnswer neurologist and faculty member in the department of neurology at North Shore University in Manhasset.”

Cash for Clunkers for Business Owners, 8/21/09

“Who is eligible? Just about everyone, says Linda Merlotti, a corporate accountant and tax expert on ‘The program is open to include corporations, companies, firms and partnerships, as well as individuals.’ And the program is applicable to not just buying a car, but leasing it.”

Why you can’t afford a dog, 8/19/09

“Some people refer to their pets as their ‘babies’ or ‘children.’ That’s a common way of describing the way we feel about these creatures that are so dependent on us, according to Colorado psychotherapist Nancy Brooks of JustAnswer.”

Will Daniel Schuler have to pay up in Taconic crash lawsuit? What victims’ families can win, 8/12/09

"'You can’t sue a dead person, but you can sue the person’s estate,’ says Paul Moretti, family law expert on JustAnswer. ‘If there is a lawsuit pending against the estate, that would have to be paid before any of the heirs could get money from the estate.’”

JustAnswer: Web Users Want Answers, 8/12/09

"New traffic numbers from JustAnswer reveal its members are increasingly looking for
answers on how to fix projects themselves...Users have increased their searches
tremendously in the last six months projects. With a member base
of more than 20 million, it's increasingly evident that Web users are searching for
answers to questions on the Web instead of buying services or solutions outright."

Jon Gosselin’s guide to being a lothario: manipulation and neediness, 8/7/09

“Women also love Gosselin's neediness, says psychotherapist Nancy Brooks, mental health expert on JustAnswer. ‘His demeanor is quite passive and very cooperative,’ she says. ‘Women are attracted to men who they feel will be there for them, men who will do what they want.’”

The power of money: Just touching and thinking about it can makes us feel better, research finds, 8/6/09

“The study dovetails perfectly with the theory that money has a big effect on our emotions, says psychotherapist and mental health expert Nancy Brooks. ‘People are constantly bombarded with the power of money and how wonderful your life can be if you have money…The physiological process when you see money is that it can release the endorphins that make you feel better.’”

DISCOVERIES: Website of the Week, 7/16/09 - For a small fee, you can e-mail your medical question and get an answer e-mailed to you from a doctor. A third-party company verifies that the doctors answering the questions have active licenses and are in good standing. The price options in the medical category are $14, $18 and $34.”

How to Decide if You Should Put Your Dog or Cat to Sleep, 7/16/09

“’You have taken care of your dog or cat all its life,’ says Dr Haynes. ‘This is your final chance to take care of your pet.  If you can spare your dog or cat pain and suffering, then euthanasia is the ultimate gift, no matter how hard it is for you.’…Dr Marie Haynes is a JustAnswer Pet Expert.”

The Anxiety in the Children, 7/14/09

“The psychotherapist Nancy Brooks, who comprises one of the experts of the JustAnswer page and counts with more than 20 years of professional experience, esteem that are about 10 million young children of undocumented people in the country, of that a 60% are of Mexican origin.”

Re-use, recycle, re-consider, 7/12/09

" and maintenance services are booming...You can consult with experts about specific repair and maintenance problem online at For a modest fee you can direct your question to a lawyer or a mechanic or a nurse and get a prompt answer."

Check Engine Light: It Could Be Cheap and Easy to Fix, 7/5/09

"Once you have found out what code you have you can either buy a repair manual to diagnose the code you have, or use a site like and tell the tech what code you have and let them assist you in solving the issue."

Ask Maxim, 7/1/09

"Even though the growth plates in your bones may not completely shut down until age 24 or 25, don't expect much growth after your late teens,” says Dr. Anthony Bray, a medical expert on"

The medical pattern new transformation can see a doctor through the network, 6/30/09

"...question you definitely may on the medical service consult the website to seek the prompt reply, for example and These websites expressed its provides specialist may explain the question fast, replied that a question gathers 15.95 US dollars."

JustAnswer Provides Expert Answers For Less, 6/25/09

"If you’ve ever needed help with your electronics you know that it can almost not pay for it to get looked at...Had I known about I would have been able to do what over a million people have already done and gotten help from one of their over 20,000 experts."

When Grandkids Attack, 6/18/09

"When the kids visit, emphasize your expectations for them, and especially distinguish 'inside' and 'outside' behavior, advises Denver psychotherapist Nancy Brooks, psychiatry expert on"

Father's Day Vehicles Gift Guide for 2009, 6/15/09

"JustAnswer Is A Website Where People Come To Get Answers From ASE Certified Technicians, Mechanics And Other Car Experts Within Minutes."

Father's Day Health & Beauty Gift Guide for 2009 Below $30, 6/15/09

"A Website Where People Come To Get Answers From Urologists, Dentists, Doctors And Other Medical Experts Within Minutes."


"JustAnswer has seen a 57% increase in questions about repairs over the past year. Some of the sharpest jumps have come in the number of questions asked about common—but expensive—household items. Refrigerator- and computer-repair queries have risen 409% and 780%, respectively."

Heal cuts and scrapes faster!, 6/1/09

"Cover every cut...A sterile bandage keeps the wound moist, which helps reduce scarring and promote faster healing," explains Kerry Otteson, R.N., a health expert at"

Do Child Labor Laws Apply to Jon & Kate's Kids?, 5/24/09

"Jon and Kate Gosselin's plus-eight do not fall under the kinds of kiddie labor laws enjoyed by peers who work on scripted film or TV sets, attorneys tell me...courtesy of attorney Paul Moretti...who also answers legal questions for"

Going through 'American Idol' or 'Dancing With the Stars' withdrawal? You're not the only one, 5/21/09

"Shows become like close friends, says licensed psychotherapist and psychiatric expert Carol Kryder...Many people…can be restless, irritable and have angry outbursts…all symptoms of post acute withdrawal."

Steps to take care of your health without spending, 5/21/09

"Doctor Simon Grinshteyn and nurse Lynn Diamond, both with more than two decades of experience in the medical field and expert of, advise to take the following steps to take care of your health without needing spending long time nor money."

Diesel vs. Hybrid vs. Gas: Who Wins?, 5/14/09

"According to Nicholas Prague, an auto industry insider from, diesels and hybrids will certainly become more prevalent, but it won't be the tidal wave some are expecting or hoping for. By 2014, he expects hybrids to account for only one in five cars sold in the U.S."

Riding Out the Recession With Repairs, 5/8/09

"JustAnswer has seen a 57% boost in traffic related to appliance and auto repair services over the past year. Some of the sharpest jumps have come in the number of questions asked about common—but expensive—household items. Refrigerator and computer repair questions have risen 409% and 780%, respectively."

Travel: Getting ill abroad, 5/1/09

"If you're feeling less than perfect, but not really sick...head to the nearest Internet cafe...If you want more tailored information, visit For a fee, one of the site's doctors will answer your personal questions, usually within minutes."

The dangerous psicotrópicos for children, 4/22/09

"Nancy Brooks, expert in psychiatry and psycotherapy of JustAnswer, explain that like in all medicine, the benefits of the psicotrópicos in children with depression are majors to the risks. 'The suicidal thoughts are an unfortunate risk of medicines like antidepressants, but when they are monitored indeed and we see something rare we stop the use of the medicine immediately and proved with another one cosa'."

Would You Eat Your Placenta?, 4/21/09

"New York City physician and JustAnswer medical expert Dr. Simon Grinshteyn, even asserts that it [eating placenta] could be hazardous. 'The placenta may contain HIV, hepatitis or other infections agents that may get passed to someone else,' he says."

Mother's Day Vehicles Gift Guide for 2009, 4/20/09

"JustAnswer...A Website Where People Come To Get Answers From ASE Certified Technicians, Mechanics And Other Car Experts Within Minutes."

Mac OS X vs. Windows: Does Soul Matter?, 4/16/09

"Differences aboud in the two systems, but both can do essentially the same things, according to Fernando Machado, who has a decade of experience running a computer maintenance and service business and is a computer expert on 'Windows is better for gaming due to the large amount of games that are available for it. Mac, however, has better overall security and is less prone to attackers'."

Mac OS X vs. Windows: Does Soul Matter?, 4/16/09

"Differences abound in the two systems, but both can do essentially the same things, according to Fernando Machado, who has a decade of experience running a computer maintenance and service business and is a computer expert on 'Windows is better for gaming due to the large amount of games that are available for it. Mac, however, has better overall security and is less prone to attackers'."

Mac OS X vs. Windows: Does Soul Matter?, 4/16/09

"Differences abound in the two systems, but both can do essentially the same things, according to Fernando Machado, who has a decade of experience running a computer maintenance and service business and is a computer expert on 'Windows is better for gaming due to the large amount of games that are available for it. Mac, however, has better overall security and is less prone to attackers'."

Impulsive Kids More Prone to Weight Gain, 4/13/09

"JustAnswer psychiatry expert and Denver psychotherapist Nancy Brooks says that true impulsivity is a clinical condition that goes beyond not being able to wait for a treat. An impulsive child, she says, does not think their decisions through and also ignores the consequences."

Junk in the Trunk, 4/3/09

"No one can plan when unexpected problems will happen, but we can plan to be ready for them when they do, said Steve Porter, a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certified master automotive technician and car expert for"

25 Ways To Make Money Online for Free, 3/30/09

"25 Tips on How to Create a Huge Income Stream Using Absolutely No Money Whatsoever...Another Q&A site is JustAnswer, and they offer small payments for answers to questions."

The upside to the down economy, 3/22/09

"Others are seeking more conventional advice and getting it at The San Francisco-based Web company links people who have questions with lawyers, doctors, mechanics and other experts. Users can pay to ask the experts any question and usually get an answer within minutes."

Do Cats and Dogs Dream?, 3/19/09

"Dr. Boyer, JustAnswer expert...The purpose of dreaming in people is suggested to be to maintain one's sense of self. The animal model is not clear, especially since we can't ask them."

What are Levi Johnston's rights? Experts weigh in on Bristol Palin's ex and other unwed dads, 3/13/09

"Courts look at the fitness of each parent, and then make a decision on what is best for the child, says Michael Markowitz, lawyer and legal expert on"

Virtual Consults Wins Fans, 3/1/09

"In a recent Virtual Health Consultation Pulse Survey conducted by the expert opinion website said they would be willing to seek online medical consultation if it meant not having to go to a doctor's office."

The risk of attack to the heart: You can discover it in your genes, 2/26/09

"Nevertheless, the cardiologist Debdas Saha, expert of, thinks that although these studies associate the risks of undergoing an attack with the differences in the sequence of the DNA are encouraging, they still require many more to be able to trust them."

There's plenty of tax help out there for small business owners, 2/23/09

"Another helpful site is You can ask IRS-related questions and get online answers from CPAs and tax experts."

Pet Toxins, 2/12/09

"To help you protect your furry friends, we tapped Fiona Fisher, D.V.M, veterinary expert at, who practices in Ontario, for her roundup of common household foods and items that pose a threat to your beloved pets. Avoid these common toxins to keep your dogs and cats live long, healthy lives."

Toddler Sleep Habits: Interview with Dr. Kevin Johnson, 2/11/09

"Dr. Kevin a Fellow of the AAP, a JustAnswer Pediatrics Expert, and he has been in the pediatric field for a decade...Dr. Johnson offers parents tips and advice for helping develop good toddler sleep habits. These sleep tips will continue to benefit a child in later years as well."

When vendors go bust, 2/11/09

"I spoke to attorney and JustAnswer consumer protection law expert Paul Moretti about customers' rights in these cases -- specifically about MPC Corporation (and Circuit City) and what consumers can, should, and should not do when they find themselves stuck with a computer and a warranty from a company gone bust."

Household hybrids: The OEMs look to simplify recharging with plug & play technology, 1/16/09

"Lithium polymer batteries, already used in electric model airplanes, may offer more promise than lithium ion batteries, argues Brian Hamman, an automotive consultant who answers technical questions for visitors who log-on to the Web site."

Valentine's Day Vehicle Gift Guide 2009, 1/16/09

"JustAnswer is the site where people go when they need a mechanic or other Expert to answer their question personally and quickly, 24/7."

New in '09: You won't go in to see the doctor, 1/15/09

"Ask-a-doc Web sites: If you've got a quick question, you can try to get an answer from sites that say they have various specialists on hand to give quick"

Fix-it shops see resurgence, 1/7/09

"Another example of the rise in interest in fixing and repairing can be seen at, a Web site that provides online users with expert answers in areas ranging from taxes to electronics. Edward Davis of New Albany, Ind., is an electronics expert who has seen a steep increase lately in questions on how to fix electronics."

Editor's Report, 1/1/09

"...A Web-based service called JustAnswer ( offers to connect a car owner with a professional technician who can answer specific technical questions about the owner's vehicle. Here's how it works: A consumer with a car problem submits his question and either prepays a nominal fee or assigns his own value to the answer. Prescreened experts in their field - in this case, professional technicians - then submit a response to the question. If the customer accepts the response, the money is shared between the technician and the owners of the website."

Life's Journey & Children's Holiday Gift Guide 2008 - Below $25, 12/19/08

"Beginning at $15, JustAnswer Gift Cards empower the recipient with knowledge that can help save lives – people, pets, cars, finances. JustAnswer is a cost effective, time saving, wonderful resource where adults can go to get Expert answers to important questions."

Home and Office Holiday Gift Guide 2008 - Below $40, 12/19/08

"JustAnswer® is the largest Expert answer site where pet owners come when they need insight from Veterinarians, Vet Techs and other Pet Experts, at all hours, 24/7. The site also has specific pet sub-categories such as Cat, Dog, Bird and Reptile to name a few."

Ask and You Shall Receive, 12/16/08

"JustAnswer officially launched its website where people go when they need answers to their questions personally and quickly, 24/7...JustAnswer is an online resource with a tailored section for motorcycle enthusiasts, for when they need Expert insight from master technicians on performance, maintenance and/or repair."

Sites like offer advice for a fee, 12/10/08

"The retired NYPD mechanic signed on as an expert with, a San Francisco-based advice site. He answers five to eight online questions a day - on issues ranging from the very technical to what to do when the "check engine" light comes on."

Hookup Horrors: Girl Deafened by Exuberant Kisser, 12/9/08

"The suction action produced by the passionate kiss was the etiology for damage to the person's hearing," says Charles Bell, M.D., health expert at "It is not absurd, but it may sound strange."

Moms of young kids deal with economic fears: Fear not my child, 12/9/08

"Financial expert Cheryl Ingber of JustAnswer, says that it's important for young children to have life be as normal as possible. "Young children should not have to feel any difference in their day to day lives, and shouldn't 'want' for anything. If they need new clothes, new shoes, etc., that should be provided, even if the parents need to reallocate their budget or forego other things; however, new toys and other items that are not necessary to the child's well-being, don't necessarily need to be bought at this particular time," Ingber said. She suggests refurbishing old toys to give them new life."

Uterine Rupture: The Risks, Signs, Symptoms and Treatments, 12/5/08

"According to Dr. Daniel R. Christie, a reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist and JustAnswer Health Expert ( "The current best estimate is that it occurs in 0.07 percent of pregnancies (one in 1,500 pregnancies)," he says."

Expecting a pink slip? What you need to know, 12/1/08

", a Web site that provides expert advice on everything from legal to auto repair questions, has seen a spike since October in legal questions from readers about layoffs, unemployment and severance."

Your Career: Entitlements of the Unemployed, 11/30/08

", a Web site that provides expert advice on everything from legal to auto repair questions, has seen a spike since October in legal questions from readers about layoffs, unemployment and severance."

Your Career: Entitlements of the Unemployed, 11/30/08

", a Web site that provides expert advice on everything from legal to auto repair questions, has seen a spike since October in legal questions from readers about layoffs, unemployment and severance."

Something's not quite right, 11/25/08

"Do puzzles, such as Sudoku, Scrabble and jigsaw puzzles, all of which require the use of short- and long-term recall skills or planning and implementation skills, which keep the brain stimulated, according to Sarah Kabalka, a registered nurse with nearly 20 years of elder-care experience and a health expert for the online Web site"

As Budgets Tighten, More People Decide Medical Care Can Wait, 10/24/08

"Traffic on JustAnswer rose 14 percent...and had nearly 400,000 page views in 30 days...inquiries related to stress, high blood pressure, drinking and heart pain jumped 33 percent."

Vehicles Holiday Gift Guide 2008, 10/24/08

"JustAnswer is a site where people go when they need a mechanic or other Car Expert to answer their question quickly, 24/7."

Coping With the Death of Your Dog or Cat: 4 Veterinarians Offer Their Pet Loss Advice, 10/10/08

"Dealing with the loss of your dog or cat can be surprisingly difficult, especially if you had to make the decision to put him or her down. This pet loss advice from four [JustAnswer] animal experts will help you cope."

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Gift Guide, 10/7/08

"Connect With Doctors And OB/GYN Health Experts Online."

Legal Resources for Freelancers, 9/19/08

"At you can ask a question online and pay for an answer from a legal professional."

Get Expert Answers with JustAnswer, 8/29/08

"At JustAnswer…you're getting answers to your questions from experts in the field. Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Accountants - all kinds of professionals are available to field your important questions."

The Medium: Tiny Talents, 8/15/08

"Web sites like (for legal advice)...leave nothing to chance."

The toll on long-distance love, 7/27/08

"As fuel prices climb, couples choose between breaking the bank and breaking hearts...Relationships expert at [states], LDR couples need to resolve the distance." (Link no longer available)